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"I own this cock. More than that, I own your breath. I will make you feel every single edge. Even though you can physically overtake me with those muscles of yours, I control you. You are my puppet. You will not move because the pleasure I’m giving you renders you paralyzed. I will make you beg for the orgasm I won’t allow. Eventually, when I’ve had my fun, cum several times myself and tears are streaming down that beautiful face, I’ll make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before. And you’ll be so addicted to that you’ll assume this position whenever I wish. And because of that, you are mine." 

Mistress knows what is best for me, so i have given Her complete control over me.  Thank You Mistress for making my decisions for me.  You always know what is best for U/s, which usually means not letting me cum so that i am in a constant state of arousal and always looking for ways to please You.  Thank You for training me so well.  Thank You also for the rare occasions when You do let me cum.

(Source: boundbyabutterfly)

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